Saturday, 24 August 2013

Researching Mixed Race
Research plays a vital role in exploring issues relating to how different groups of people fare in today's society. How they feel? How they are treated? Whether they are discriminated against and how policies and procedures can be changed to improve their lives? Runnymede is the UK's leading independent race equality think tank. They work to identify racial injustice where it exists and use sound research to influence those with the power to change things.

Their mission is to end all forms of racial inequality in the UK and to facilitate a successful society, where no person or group of people is discriminated against or under-represented. To find out about their work relating to Mixed Race go to Runnymede Trust - Mixed Heritage

You can also find a comprehensive collection of global scholarly publications at  Mixed Race Studies is a non-commercial website that provides a gateway to interdisciplinary English language scholarship about the relevant issues surrounding the topic of multiracialism. 

Universities encourage students to research areas of interest and some choose to explore issues relating to being mixed race. Currently Lisa Long a PHD Student at Leeds University has a call for Black and Mixed research participants who have had experience of policing in West Yorkshire. If you would like to participate, please see further details  for more information and to contact her.

Other recent calls for research which have been posted on this blog include:

Mixed Race Experiences in UK Education by Remi Salisbury which was presented at the Mixing Matters Symposium

Mixed Race Identity and Social Media by Nadia Riepenhausen from Zimbabwee

Mixed Race Parents Identification Of Their Children by Miri Song

If you are undertaking research on Mixed Race Family issues and would like me to post a call for participants on this blog, or if you have some interesting research that you would like me to include, please contact me.

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