Friday, 23 August 2013


I am pleased to be able to link you to a wonderful list of books which feature mixed race characters (click here). Compiled by renowned children's author Malaika Rose Stanley, this  list is a useful resource for families, children’s centres, schools, nurseries, playgroups etc. Malaika explains that many of the books are quite dated, (indeed, I used to read some of them to my children when they were small; timeless!) and many are US publications which may be less easily available and less reflective of the British experience, but she felt it was better to leave people to make their own choices and draw their own conclusions.

The book list is a companion to her insightful blog post  Black, White And Just Right. UK publications are in bold and Letterbox Library who I featured in April (click here) is a great place to find them!

For more information about books written by Malaika Rose Stanley go to her website

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. So glad to have found out about these books! I will definitely check them out for my children's book review blog (