Friday, 12 April 2013

I Am Empathy

This adorable book by Deipa Hart is a collection of poems for young children.  The poems are written from her own experiences, with the aim to help parents with mixed race children. The last poem ends.. .......

I love being mixed race
It's really, really cool
Know about your cultures it helps you to be you

I love the way that the book is interactive and includes a section for notes and also one called 'Colour Me In'

Check out some of Deipa's other poems on her blog


  1. Love your blog!!!
    My name is Yasmin Sammarco, Founder of The Happily Mixed Up Community.

    The goal of The Happily Mixed Up Community is to connect mixed race and multi-cultural individuals, couples and families online as well as off through our social website, making it possible for members to search our data base for others sharing similar backgrounds and common interests living within their own community.
    The HMUC is a global network where support is given, advice is shared, friendship is offered and our children are nurtured.

    Most Important! Our Children are Nurtured. (surrounded by families and friends likes themselves)

    1. Hello Yasmin, Thank you! You are doing great work. Happy to connect with your organisation. I hope we can work together.