Sunday, 24 March 2013

It's Not Always Black and White

I was really moved by Dr John Reed’s book ‘It’s Not Always Black and White’ in which he tells his story of being caught between two worlds.  Born to a White German mother and a Black American father in the late 1950’s, John experienced challenges which many Mixed Race children face today.  He was forced to cope with the separation of his parents and their lack of attachment to him, together with a multitude of other difficulties which were thrown into his pot of oppression.  The good news story, however, is that he was resilient and managed to grow and develop into a strong and insightful man.  I feel that this book will be an ideal resource for schools and care agencies as it can be used to support the development of positive identities and build self-esteem amongst Mixed Race children. It will also help support adults, young people and those who work with them understand the difficulties that some Mixed Race children face in today’s society.  

This is a link to John's Website :It's Not Always Black and White


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