Saturday, 8 August 2015

Book of the Week!!

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"The incredible story of the ultimate historical hustle, based on the true story of Mary Wilcox" (publisher blurb). We're completely smitten by this part-fictionalised biography of a quick thinking (mixed race), working class young woman who survives by adopting the disguise of the mysterious Princess Caraboo. A gripping, startling read which takes a unique peek into the workings of early nineteenth century Britain with its class system, its economic injustices, its imperial 'exoticisation' of foreign lands, its misogyny and its dubious-and racist-'new' sciences (e.g.: early phrenology). 'A well-told, quick moving story that once again reminds readers that black people were part of British society long before the Windrush sailed in!' (Patrice, Author & Parent, LL reviewer). [nb: trigger warning- this novel opens with a description of a rape, the repercussions of which are very sensitively handled]. Age 13+ Paperback 270pp

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Mixed Streets -Online Retailer

Mixed Streets
Mixed Streets is an online retailer of carefully sourced products for mixed race children. These include, hair & skin products, toys and books. Our product ranges are suitable for babies up to children of approx. 12yrs.

Company was launched in December 2014 by John & Liz (husband & wife). After the birth of our son in 2009 we realised there was a lack of toys & books that depicted mixed heritage. All the baby books showed families where either both parents were white or both black. None represented our family. None of the stories showed a pirate or a superhero that was mixed race or a princess that didn’t have straight yellow hair! I just wanted to find regular, fun stories where my children could relate to the characters. The same applied to toys.

As my children’s hair grew I quickly realised that it had its own life and the regular baby shampoo that you receive in your free baby pack when you are pregnant wasn’t going to cut it! I started to look for products and again realised that the products were not regular ones you could buy on the high street but you had to search online and wait a very long time for them to be delivered from the US!

Our aim is to make all of these products easily accessible from the moment you search on our site to the moment your order arrives at your door. Once you order from us it will be with you within 1-2 working days if in stock. We are constantly searching for new products lines so watch this space…..


The Spirit of London

The spirits were at work here, somehow. But why? On returning to London, Ellie investigates the mystery surrounding 47 Foster Square. Who is the sender of ghostly messages asking her for help? What is the secret of the Meadowes family? And what does Edward know about all this? With her parents about to divorce, and her Mum acting very strangely, Ellie quickly discovers that a sinister force lies between her and the truth...The Spirit of London is the second instalment in the thrilling and suspenseful 'Spirits' series and follows the success of The People's Book Prize-nominated Childish Spirits. It focuses on slavery and a mixed-race family in Georgian times. Ellie finds herself facing a very dangerous foe and will need all her courage and humanity to get her through. The Spirit of London also sets up a story arc that will continue into future books in the series. 

The book will appeal to girls and boys of upper primary and lower secondary age - and to parents and teachers reading the book 

Review Jill Murphy, The Bookbag !

There are a lot of things to like about The Spirit of London. It focuses on an under-explored aspect of London - slavery and black history, adding to the reader's knowledge and understanding. It has some genuinely creepy moments but it also has some great moments of slapstick to ease the tension. It’s an absorbing read but not an overly long one. And there really isn't anything to dislike. Recommended.'

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Mixed Race Couples Wanted

Diani Vyas from the BBC is looking for mixed race couples who are willing to speak to her about a BBC documentary looking at love and race in Britain today.

If you can help, please contact her  @Diani_Vyas asap !

Friday, 10 July 2015

Little Lighty: Short Film-TV Pilot

Media Maffia and Urban Gem Media Presents:

Little Lighty

Blaise Tykal Simmons-Johnson plays Asia James, a 17 year old, mixed race girl who lives with her foster family in London. She is curious, confused and feels isolated from her cultural roots. She often finds herself writing down lines of poetry which reflect her view of life as a mixed-race girl.
Her awareness of the language used by others to describe her makes her feel as if she doesn't belong, as if there is some sort of level of beauty she must achieve to live up to her label. Often looked at as a sex object and expected to have certain character traits, Asia can no longer tell the difference between 'Little Lighty' and herself.
Amber is the most popular girl at school, a confident young black teen and her love for her identity overflows. Asia, wants that, a sense of belonging. Tragically her perspective of beauty warps and her obsession to claim Amber's identity becomes dangerous when she decides to make a toxic skin darkening mixture.
Little Lighty is an emotional teen drama exploring the social issues of colour, identity and race through an unexpected voice. It highlights the important topics of pigmentation manipulation (an abstract on skin bleaching), labels, identity and the unheard voices of Britain's youth.

Why Her Story?

This is an extremely important story to us as we explore issues of identity, race and colour from an unexpected point of view. Although some may feel her story is a little farfetched, Asia's journey is compiled of a range of real life accounts. It applies to every kind of individual and aims to remind us that we are all beautiful, no matter the label.

What We Need & What You Get
Your support is immensely appreciated! With your donations we'll be able to:
  • Pay our cast & crew, 
  • Rent equipment such as camera's and lighting. 
  • Secure locations and supporting artists, 
  • Costume, Art department 
  • Editing and Colourgrading
  • Distribution to film festivals.
We'd like to get this film shown all over the world so even if you can't give a lot, give a little, it all makes a difference.
So as you all know by now we need 10K to make this happen! We've put together a great selection of perks which we think you'll love! But you can donate more if you wish.

Go to website for more info........